# Project Submission Process

If you're looking to secure funding in the upcoming Octant funding Epoch, known as the "Allocation Window," follow the steps outlined in this document. First, ensure your project meets Octant's funding eligibility criteria.

# Step 1: Join the Octant Discord Server

Engage with our community by joining our Discord server (opens new window).

Start by completing our captcha verification in the _captcha_verification! (opens new window) channel to gain full access to community channels.

Our Discord is a dynamic space for exchanging ideas, resolving queries, and starting discussions about projects, promoting collaboration. Introduce yourself in the Introductions (opens new window) channel.

Being actively engaged with the Octant community on Discord is key to your success in securing potential funding through Octant.

# Step 2: Complete Submission Form and Eligibility Check

Submit your project details through the Octant Applications form (opens new window). Once submitted, directly message the Octant_Submissions (opens new window) Discord account. This initiates a review of how well your proposal aligns with our mission and starts a guidance conversation. Feel free to include any questions you have.

Filling out the Octant Applications form (opens new window).is mandatory. Ensure you provide all necessary project details as this form will form the foundation of your submission.

Failure to complete this step before eligibility check deadline means you cannot move forward with securing funding in the current epoch.

# Step 3: Community Discussion and Formalized Submission

After a productive conversation with our team through Octant_Submissions, proceed to formalize your proposal on the Octant Discuss (opens new window) forum. Your Discuss post should polish your initial proposal, incorporating feedback received from the Octant team based on your application form. For format guidance, look at past submissions or feel free to ask us; we're here to assist and want to see your public goods project succeed!

Next, create a post in the Discord project-submissions forum (opens new window) featuring your project's title, a tag, a TL;DR, and a link to your Discuss post.

The aim is to engage the community to boost your project's likelihood of funding. Hosting events for deeper engagement is recommended, and Octant is here to support your efforts.

Ensure you complete this step and the Project Information Submission by the Project Information Submission deadline.

# Step 4: Community Voting

The community will engage in a Snapshot vote to determine the shortlist for the upcoming Allocation Window. This stage offers you an opportunity to showcase your project's strengths and rally community support.

# Project Information Submission

All new projects that have filled out the Submission Form and finalized their proposals are required to submit their project details for potential inclusion in the Octant App (opens new window).

This information must be sent to Octant_Submissions (opens new window) by the date indicated below. Most of this information should be readily available from your existing submission.

  1. A text description of the project, about 3-4 paragraphs long,
  2. A hero message - a concise one-liner summarizing your project,
  3. A project mark / logo in SVG format,
  4. At least one URL (to your project's website or a social media page),
  5. A designated admin wallet address and a message signature from that address including the word "Octant". You can use any message signing option that you prefer. Options include:

For a glimpse of how your project might be presented, visit the Octant App projects section (opens new window). The ETH address will be displayed in the project's URL.

Projects from previous Epochs are also welcome to update their information in the Octant App by the same Project Information Submission Deadline.

# Key-Dates and Deadlines

  • Eligibility Check: February 12th, 2024 - March 14th, 2024
  • Project Information Submission Deadline: March 17th, 2024
  • Snapshot Vote: March 18th, 2024 - March 22nd, 2024
  • Allocation Window: April 16th - April 30th, 2024

# Previous Epoch Project Continuations

For projects funded in the last Epoch: You're required to update your discuss post (opens new window) with details on how the funds were used and your future plans before the Project Information Submission Deadline.

Your update should ideally cover:

  • Achievements since the last Octant Epoch,
  • Upcoming milestones on your project roadmap,
  • How funds from the previous Epoch were utilized and plans for any funds raised from Epoch Two,
  • Grant funding received since the last Epoch (e.g., RetroPGF, Gitcoin, etc.), including funding amounts,
  • Other non-grant funding sources (like user payments, donations, staking or LP contributions to treasury, VC investments, etc.).

For projects that didn't meet the funding threshold or didn't make it through the previous Snapshot vote: Re-engage with the community by linking to past discussions, seeking feedback for improvements, and sharing achievements since the last epoch. Contact the team on the Octant_Submissions once you feel you've completed this step. Successfully re-engaging before the current eligibility check closes will ensure your inclusion in the Snapshot vote. Projects that fail to secure funding again will have a one-epoch cooldown period before they can re-apply.

For projects opting out of the next epoch: No specific action is required. However, we encourage you to stay engaged with the Octant community. It's an excellent opportunity to build relationships with projects that share your vision for a more open and decentralized future. Remember, a rising tide lifts all boats, and we look forward to seeing your project grow and potentially rejoin in future epochs.